The major objectives of the PICE follow from the four main goals:

 1)      Community Outreach

 To promote engagement of UiTM Kedah’s community in mutually-beneficial collaboration with the industries, policymakers, and community leaders in activities that are intentionally designed to address community-identified issues.

 2)      Centre of Excellence

 To spearhead the development of  a nationally and internationally recognized PICE for further development of research and related activities.

 3)      Fund Generation

 To coordinate efforts towards accumulating income from PICE activities for the establishment of a fund to facilitate research, publication, community outreach and internationalization activities and to aid in the procurement of external fund for same purpose. The ultimate aim is to enable the proposed centre to have and issue its own grants.

 4)      Training Centre

 To organize trainings and seminars as a tool to generate income for more beneficial activities

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